FlavRx Cartridge

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FlavRx Cartridge

FlavRx Cartridge is the best tasting and HIGHEST potency among other thc vape cartridges. All cartridges are strain-specific. 100% solvent-free extract. One time use disposable cartridges. Make it easy to vape and start new when you are ready for more without risking residue. From other concentrates in the cartridge chamber.

FlavRx Vape Cartridge Online

FlavRx Vape  cartridge represents an advancement in cannabis science. The cartridge is ultra-refined cannabis oil. Contains 1g volume 48.82% THC Cartridge.

FlavRx Cartridge Flavors

FlavRx vape cartridges are packing huge, herbaceous flavors. Despite being a fairly new cannabis company, FlavRx is winning awards and has proven to be outstanding in applying “cutting edge scientific knowledge and cannabis insight in every package.”


2 reviews for FlavRx Cartridge

  1. johnny

    FlavRx is my favorite cartridge and the location that sold it in Ann Arbor Michigan is no longer available so i can only buy it on here. Thanks once more CCS

  2. Bruce

    Ok just tried it, best tasting cartridge I’ve gotten so far (Y)

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