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We love finding new companies in the cannabis industry that offer amazing new products. Our recent finding was EdiPure, an edible company that makes THC infused candies. We just stocked up on their products and all of our patients are going crazy over them. We love that each pack of candy is precisely dosed and the quality is constant across the board which is hard to find with any company in general. Definitely check these guys out if you are a collective that wants to offer your patients an amazing product at an affordable cost.

About EdiPure-EDIBLES

EdiPure-EDIBLES  is one of the nation’s first edible brands. We specialize in unique custom-shaped gummies but offer a large variety of hard candies, chocolates, and original confections. By using medical grade calibrated instruments, we are able to offer an exceptionally precise and consistent dosing method. Our products always taste rich with bursting flavors and our textures are always extremely complimentary to your taste buds. Whenever you sample any type of EdiPure product, you are immediately left with a nostalgic feeling of your past along with complete satisfaction. Try us today. Thank you!!

EdiPure creates cannabis infused products such as their famous gummies.

Their products are soft, chewy, sugar-coated & yummy. So if you need to stay medicated, this is a great way to get your dosing in without having to guess.

Bud Man OC is an official provider of EdiPure products.


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