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The Top 8 Marijuana Strains in 2019

Based on feedback from cannabis users, in 2019, 8 common strains were loved by smokers.


Despite the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, a number of industry changes took place in 2019. Companies are turning to more unique ways of presenting new strains to users, from cultivating new strains to selling directly to consumers in dispensaries or home deliveries.

Following recreational marijuana legalization in California, 2019 has seen a lot of changes in the industry. From cultivating new strains to selling direct to consumers in dispensaries or at-home deliveries, companies are turning to more unique ways to present new strains to users.

With rapid growth, dispensaries and eCommerce companies alike are finding new customers among seasoned smokers and beginners alike. Whether they’re seasoned smokers and stock up on essentials from a monthly smoking subscription box for beginners, people everywhere are becoming a bit more savvy about their favorite strains. Online resources like Leafly make this incredibly easy, with comprehensive analyses and real users’ insights on each strain’s effects.

Based on feedback, here are 8 popular strains smokers are loving in 2019.

1. Blue Dream

As a hybrid between Blueberry and Purple Haze, Blue Dream has been a popular favorite in California for years, but has quickly become one of the top sellers in recreational markets around the country. Blue Dream buds are comprised of a mixture of pastel green and dark forest green in coloration and provides a taste that is reminiscent of a blueberry pastry or a dark berry. Since it’s a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, this strain is great when taken day or night, and provides users with a relaxed and easy going mood.

2. Jack Herer

Jack Herer boasts an earthy pine and citrusy taste that is easily recognizable and provides uses with subtle cerebral effects that aren’t overwhelming. Also, this particular strain is perfect for those inexperienced with marijuana, medical marijuana patients, or for those seeking a strain that can be used during the day if you’re fairly active.

3. Green Crack

This popular daytime strain features buds that are dark green in color and a fruity, tropical flavor with notes of mango, pineapple and citrus. Green Crack provides users with a unique blend of effects, including mental invigoration and a slight nerve-calming relaxation.

4. Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG, with its sweet, pungent and earthy taste, has quickly made a name for itself as a strain that provides a heavy sedation, numbing effects and happy relaxation. With that in mind, this strain is ideal for those seeking a deep and solid sleep.

5. Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 features buds with a shimmering appearance and a wide variety of flavors depending on the harvest, such as chocolate, diesel, pine and sweet nuttiness. This strain,

also known as GG #4, has one of the highest THC percentages at a whopping 30%, giving users potent feelings of intense mental stimulation and focus. It gets its namesake from its ability to “glue” you to your seat, but users have also experienced long periods of creativity and focus, enabling them to complete projects, hobbies or spend many hours on the computer. Because of its potency, Gorilla Glue #4 is recommended for experienced users who fully understand the effects of marijuana.

6. Girl Scout Cookies

Another strain that has become popular for both beginners and experienced users alike, Girl Scout Cookies boasts a sweet citrus and earthy wood scent, and has often been described as having hints of an herbal mint flavor. This strain, which has a slight indica dominance, is designed to put users in a mellow, happy mood. Other variations of the Girl Scout Cookies strain include other top sellers, such as Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint.

7. OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains in California and features an earthy pine scent with lemon and woody undertones. Also, many of the other more popular strains are the result of breeding OG Kush with other strains, resulting in a wide variety of strains from the same genetic pool. This classic strain is coveted because of its ability to induce a heavy euphoria and reduce stress.

8. Sour Girl

This hybrid (Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel) was produced by one of the finest collectives in the Bay Area, the Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics, features an intense but complex aroma. With its potent cerebral high and complex aroma, it is clear why this strain is deserving of its third place award in the 2016 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup.

While these 8 different strains are becoming increasingly popular in 2019, there are a variety of new strains entering the market that are sure to be favorites in the years to come.

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